Saturday, 22 February 2014

D7 Guitar Chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is D7. This chord is easy to play in open position and is used in thousands of songs. To remember this fingering you can think of it as a mirror image of a regular D major chord.
D7 Guitar Chord
D7th Guitar Chord

When playing this D7 Guitar Chord it's important not to play the bottom E string as this not is not in the chord.

D7 Guitar Chord

7th chords are constructed using these scale degrees: 1, 3, 5, b7
D7 uses these notes: D, F#, A, C

Here is another fingering of the D7 chord. This inversion is in 3rd position and is simply a C7 chord moved up two frets.

D7 guitar chord

D7 guitar chord
Be careful not to play either E string when playing this chord.

D7 guitar chord

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cminor guitar chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is Cminor. Cminor can also be written as Cm, Cmin or even C- these symbols all represent the same chord. We'll look at two different fingerings of the Cminor chord, one easy version that doesn't require a barre and a slightly more tricky version that requires a barre on the 3rd fret.

 This first fingering involves playing only the top four strings.
Cminor guitar chord
Cmin guitar chord
Place your fingers close to the frets and listen carefully to make sure each string sounds clearly
Cm guitar chord

The next inversion is very similar but uses a barre at the 3rd fret. Here, you lay your first finger just behind the 3rd fret across the top 5 strings.

Cminor guitar chord
C minor guitar chord
You can also barre across the bottom E string and play all 6 strings if you wish.

C min guitar chord

Minor chords are constructed using these scale degrees: 1, b3, 5
Cminor uses these notes = C, Eb, G

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Bb minor guitar chord

Today's guitar chord of the day is Bb minor and we'll be looking at two different fingerings for this chord. The first fingering is the easiest as it doesn't involve a barre and uses just the top four strings.
Bb minor guitar chord
A# minor guitar chord
Place your fingertips just behind the fret to get a clean sound with no buzzing.

Bbm guitar chord
The second fingering of this chord uses a barre. Here we lay the edge of your first finger just behind the first fret.
Bb min guitar chord
Bb minor guitar chord

Play each note of the Bb minor chord individually and make sure that they all sound cleanly with no buzzing.
Bb minor guitar chord

Minor chords use these scale degrees: 1, b3, 5
Bb minor uses these notes = Bb, Db, F

These chords are movable, playing the same fingering on another fret transposes the chord to a different key:

1st fret Bb minor / A# minor
  • 2nd fret B minor
  • 3rd fret C minor
  • 4th fret Db minor / C# minor
  • 5th fret D minor
  • 6th fret Eb minor / D# minor
  • 7th fret E minor
  • 8th fret F minor
  • 9th fret Gb minor / F# minor
  • 10th fret G minor
  • 11th fret Ab minor / G# minor

Sunday, 2 February 2014

G minor guitar chord

Today's guitar chord of the day is G minor. You might see this chord written in several different ways, but they all refer to the same thing:
  • Gminor
  • Gmin
  • Gm, or even on jazz lead sheets
  • G-
We're going to look at three different ways of playing the G minor chord. The first fingering involves a half-barre. For this fingering you lay your first finger across the two three strings of your guitar at the 3rd fret and use your 3rd finger to hold down the 5th fret of the D string.
Gminor guitar chord
Gm guitar chord
Make sure that each notes sounds cleanly with no buzzing. It helps to place your finger as close to the fret as you can
Gminor guitar chord - half barre

The second fingering of this chord involves playing a full barre chord on the guitar. Here you lay your 1st finger across all six strings of the guitar just behind the 3rd fret.

Gm guitar chord

Gminor guitar chord

Again make sure all of the notes sound cleanly with no buzzing. 
Gminor guitar chord - barre

The final fingering of the G minor we'll look at today doesn't involve a barre, using one finger for each of the four strings we're playing.

Gmin guitar chord

Gmin guitar chord

The root note of this fingering is on the bottom E string of the guitar
Gm guitar chord

Minor chords use these degrees of the major scale: 1, b3, 5
Gminor uses these notes: G, Bb, D

These chord can be moved to transposed to any other key by moving the shape around on the fretboard. The square in the chord box indicates where the root note is in this chord.

  • 1st fret: F minor
  • 2nd fret: F#/Gb minor
  • 3rd fret: G minor
  • 4th fret: G#/Ab minor
  • 5th fret: A minor
  • 6th fret: A#/Bb minor
  • 7th fret: B minor
  • 8th fret: C minor
  • 9th fret: C#/Db minor
  • 10th fret: D minor
  • 11th fret: D#/Eb minor
  • 12th fret: E minor