Saturday, 15 November 2014

G# Guitar Chord / Ab Guitar Chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is Ab or G# (pronounced A flat or G sharp)
The G# guitar chord and Ab guitar chord are enharmonic, this means the two different names refer to the same pitch and chord. Depending on the key you're playing in you may see this chord referred to as either G# major or Ab major. Whichever label is used the fingering for this chord is the same.
A flat guitar chord
G sharp major guitar chord

This fingering is easy to play being a simple F major chord moved up the 4th fret. Be careful not to play the bottom 2 strings.
Abguitar chord

The next fingering is a barre chord, this lets you play all six strings of the guitar. Lay your first finger just behind the 4th fret and use your remaining left hand fingers to play the guitar's A, D and G strings.
Ab major guitar barre chord
G# major guitar barre chord

Play each guitar string individually to make sure that each note is sounding clearly.
Ab major guitar barre chord

Barre chords can be moved around the guitar next to easily play any major chord:
  • 1st fret = F
  • 2nd fret = F#/Gb
  • 3rd fret = G
  • 4th fret = G#/Ab
  • 5th fret = A
  • 6th fret = A#/Bb
  • 7th fret = B
  • 8th fret = C
  • 9th fret = C#/Db
  • 10th fret = D
  • 11th fret = D#/Eb
  • 12th fret = E

Major chords use the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes from the major scale:
G# = G#, B#, D#
Ab = Ab, C, Eb

Our chord uses the notes in these order:
G#, D#, G#, B#, D#, G#
Ab, Eb, Ab, C, Eb, Ab

Try playing this chord in different positions and tune back soon for another guitar chord of the day.

Petrushka Guitar Chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is 

The Petrushka chord is a frequently used polychord used in Igor Stravinsky's ballet Petrushka. These two major triads, C major and F# major - a tritone apart, these two chords clash when sounded together and create a dissonant chord.

There are a number of ways to finger this chord on the guitar this inversion is up on the 8th fret:

petrushka guitar chord
petrushka guitar chord

The C major chord uses the notes C, E and G
The F# major chord uses the notes F#, A# and C#

Polychords use the notes of two chords together and are written like this:
Polychords shouldn't be confused with slash chords. Slash chords indicate a chord with an alternate bass note. So C / F# is a slash chord that is played as a C major chord with F# in the bass.