Wednesday, 6 February 2013

D Augmented | Ting Tings Great DJ Guitar Chord

This D augmented chord is used on the intro of the Ting Ting's, Great DJ.

The D Augmented chord, can also be written as D+ and here is played together with a regular open D major chord. The augmented adds dissonance and tension.

D augmented guitar chord | D+ guitar chord
Daug guitar chord

Here's the fingering for the Daugmented chord:
d augmented guitar chord

D augmented can also be written as D major #5, D+
D augmented uses these notes D, F#, A#

Augmented chords are constructed from the root, 3 and #5. Augmented chords aren't used anywhere near as often as regular major and minor chords, however if you're looking to add a little tension to your music try throwing in an augmented guitar chord next time you're writing a song.