Thursday, 30 May 2013

D add9 Guitar Chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is Dadd9. This Guitar Chord is based on a standard D major chord with the added 9th note of the major scale, in this case E.
D add9 guitar chord
D add guitar chord

The Dadd9 chord uses these notes: D, F#, A, E
 D add9 is related to D sus2, so what's the difference? All suspended chords leave out the 3rd note of the scale, in D this is F#. So Dsus2 uses these notes: D, E, A. The sus stands for suspended, the other more common sus chord is a sus4.

The fingering for this inversion involves a small stretch to the 5th fret, with the first finger barring the top 3 strings.
Dadd9 guitar chord
D add9 can be played anywhere that you would normally play a standard D Major Guitar Chord. Check out these other add9 guitar chords or use search function to find the chord you want.