Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bsus4 Guitar Chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is Bsus4. Sus4 chords are usually played just before a regular major chord, they have an unresolved 'hanging' sound, hence the suspended name.
bsus4 guitar chord

This guitar fingering for the Bsus4 chord involves playing a regular B major barre chord and slipping your finger up one fret to the 5th fret.
The root note of this chord is on the A string, you can move this chord to other frets to create other sus4 chords:

  • 1st fret A#/Bb
  • 2nd fret B
  • 3rd fret C
  • 4th fret C#/Db
  • 5th fret D
  • 6th fret D#/Eb
  • 7th fret E
  • 8th fret F
  • 9th fret F#/Gb
  • 10th fret G
  • 11th fret G#/Ab
  • 12th fret A
Check out these other sus4 guitar chords and tune back soon for another Guitar Chord of the Day.