Monday, 3 March 2014

G# minor guitar chord / Ab minor guitar chord

The G# guitar chord and Ab guitar chord are enharmonic, this means the two different names refer to the same pitch and chord. Depending on the key you're playing in you may see this chord referred to as either G# minor or Ab minor. Whichever label is used the fingering for this chord is the same.
G# minor guitar chord

G# min guitar chord
This chord is played using a half-barre. Here your first finger lays across the top 3 strings of the guitar at the 4th fret.
G#min guitar chord

The next inversion is similar but has its root note on the bottom E string and doesn't involve a barre.
G#m guitar chord
G#m guitar chord

Some find this chord easier to play if you're having difficulty with barre chords.

Ab minor guitar chord

The final inversion of G#minor allows us to play all 6 strings.
G#minor guitar chord
G#minor guitar chord

Lay your first finger across all 6 strings just behind the 4th fret.
G#minor guitar chord

Minor chords use these scale degrees: 1, b3, 5
G#minor = G#, B, D#
Abminor = Ab, Cb, Eb

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