Monday, 8 December 2014

C# minor guitar chord

Today's guitar chord of the day is C#minor. C#min and Dbmin are enharmonic, this means the two different names refer to the same pitch and chord. Depending on the key you're playing in you may see this chord referred to as either C# minor or Db minor though C#minor is more commonly seen.
C#minor guitar chord
C#minor guitar chord

Place your fingers close to the frets and make sure that each note sounds cleanly.

C#minor guitar chord
The next inversion of this chord is similar however it uses a barre across the 4th fret. Lay your 1st finger just behind the fourth fret across the top 5 (or all 6) strings.
C#min guitar chord
C#min guitar chord
Make sure each note sounds cleanly.
Dbmin guitar chord

Here are the notes used in our chord.
Minor chords use: 1, b3, 5
C# minor = C#, E, G#
Db minor = Db, Fb, Ab

This chord is used in lots of songs in the key of A and E.