Friday, 25 June 2010

12 Major Triads - inversion 12

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is the last in our series of 12 major triads.
G Major triad Guitar Chord

Here's the fingering for this guitar chord:
G major triad | guitar chord

Play through all 12 of the major triads and try modifying them in the following ways:

  • Minor - lower the 3rd a semitone
  • Augmented - raise the 5th a semitone
  • Diminished - lower the 3rd and 5th a semitone
Experiment playing through songs you know just using this triads, or playing through a simple I IV V progression.

To extend this even more, we can include some triadic superimpositions. These are simple chord substitutions where we play triads off notes other than the root note. Here are some examples:

Instead of C maj7 (C E G B) play Em (E G B), G (G B D)
Instead of Dm7 (D F A C) play F (F A C) or Am (A C E)
Instead of G7 (G B D F) play Bdim (B D F) or Dm (D F A)

Even though the triads are harmonically simple you can still get interesting chord using this technique.

Tune in tomorrow for another Guitar Chord Of The Day