Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dissonant Guitar Chords

Following yesterday's very nice sounding C Major 9 Guitar chord, today's Guitar Chord is full of clashing semitone intervals: it's a dissonant guitar chord that is made up entirely of 6 notes a semitone apart. These nasty sounding chords are easy to find on the piano - just rest your elbow one a cluster of note - but surprisingly hard to find on the guitar.

This chord and our other dissonant guitar chords sound pretty nasty, so reserve them for special occasions!
Dissonant Guitar Chord
Dissonant guitar chord

Today's dissonant guitar chord uses the notes B C C# D D# E
If you're feeling particularly brave, check out the other very dissonant guitar chords here.

Tune in tomorrow for another (but more ear friendly) Guitar Chord Of The Day.