Friday, 19 October 2012

Blues Guitar Chords: A9

Following on with our series of Blues Guitar Chords, today's Guitar Chord of the Day is A9.

Blues typically follows a 12 bar pattern based around Dominant 7th Chords:

||: A7  |  D7  |  A7  |  A7  |  D7  |  D7  |  A7  |  A7  |  E7  |  D7  |  A7  |  E7  :||

We've look at many different ways of playing dominant 7th chords on the guitar before, but we can make the blues progressions more interesting to play and listen to by using extended chords.

9th chords use these degrees of the major scale: 1, 3, 5, b7, 9
A9 uses the notes: A, C#, E, G, B
A9 blues guitar chord

The root note of the chord isn't played in this inversion, but we can imagine a root note on the E string to help us locate where to play the chord.
A9 guitar chord

Try playing through the above blues chord progression with 9th chords and tune in tomorrow for another guitar chord of the day.