Monday, 22 October 2012

Blues Guitar Chords: D13

Today's guitar chord of the day, continues our series of Blues Guitar Chords: D13.

13th chords and it can be played in place of most 7th chords (also known as dominant chords, or dominant 7th chords).
D13 Blues guitar chord

This chord is moveable and has its root note on the B string (indicated by the black box in the chord diagram). This chord is fingered by playing the root note on the B string with your middle finger, your first finger on the A string, your 3rd finger on the D string and little finger on the G string.
D13 Guitar chord

Blues typically follows a 12 bar pattern based around Dominant 7th Chords:

||: A7  |  D7  |  A7  |  A7  |  D7  |  D7  |  A7  |  A7  |  E7  |  D7  |  A7  |  E7  :||

Mix up today's chord of the day with previous Blues guitar chords when you play through the 12 bar progression and tune in tomorrow for another guitar chord of the day.