Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bb7 open voicings

In previous Guitar Chord a Day posts, we've looked at 12 Dominant 7th Chords Every Guitarist should know we've also looked at modifying these chords to create major7, altered, m7b5 and other chords.
Bb7 Guitar Chord
Bb7 guitar chord

These open voicings can be created by modifying the original dominant 7th guitar chords that we've learnt. Today's guitar chord is the day can be created by taking this dominant 7th inversion and moving the note on the top E string of the guitar down to the bottom E string.

You can create a whole series of open voicings like this, by taking the same approach - dropping the note on the top E string two octaves and playing it on the bottom E string - with all of your dominant 7th chords, and the minor7, 6th, 9th, major 7th, m7b5 etc chords that have been created by modifying the original chords. Doing this results in hundreds of new voicings and is well worth exploring!

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