Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A major 6

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is A Major 6, we can also call this guitar chord A6: our first inversion of a 6th chord. Our previous guitar chord was a very nice sounding E major 13 used by Stevie Ray Vaughan in the song Lenny. This chord is the second chord of that song.

Major 6 chords can almost always be played in place of any other major chord. The added 6th note adds a nice quality to the chord, major 6th chords often work well as the last chord of a song. The root note of this major 6 guitar chord is on the E string of the guitar and played with the middle finger.
A major 6 guitar chord
A6 guitar chord

Major 6 chords use the notes from the major scale: 1, 3, 5, 6
A major 6 uses these notes A, C#, E, F#
Our inversion uses the notes in this order: A, F#, C#, E

Major 6 chords can replace any major chords in a key: chords I, IV and V

Don't forget, you can use Guitar Chord Of The Day as a chord dictionary by searching the guitar chord labels and tags. Tune in tomorrow for another Guitar Chord Of The Day