Friday, 7 May 2010

Guitar Harmonics Chords | D Major

Playing the natural harmonics on the guitar creates a beautiful chime like sound. Usually guitar harmonics are played as part of solos but we can also play a number of chords just from the natural harmonics of the guitar.

To play natural harmonics, rest your finger lightly above the fret. Today's guitar chord of the day is a D Major chord played only with harmonics. This can work well when substituted for an ordinary D Major chord at the end of song or in a break.

Rest your finger lightly above the 7th fret of the guitar and play the D, G and B strings with your right hand.

D Major Harmonics Guitar Chord
Guitar chord harmonics D major

Harmonics only occur on certain locations on the fretboard, in this case the notes of the harmonics (A, F# and D) are the same for the harmonics at the 7th fret and the fretted notes but this is not always the case.

Playing some chords with harmonics can add an interesting twist to your rhythm playing. In some future posts we'll look at further guitar harmonic chords and chords that mix harmonics and ordinary fretted notes. Subscribe to the RSS feed and tune in tomorrow for another Guitar Chord Of The Day