Thursday, 5 December 2013

B Major Guitar Chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is B Major. The Bmaj Guitar Chord can be played in several different ways, today we're looking at a couple of inversions that are useful for beginners.

The first version uses a barre across the second fret. To play this inversion lay the side of your first finger just behind the second fret, the remaining fingers are free to hold down the D, G and B strings at the fourth fret.

B major barre chord on guitar
Bmajor guitar barre chord

B guitar chord

If you're having trouble changing quickly to the barre chord this chord can also be played on the top four guitar strings.

B major easy guitar chord
Bmajor easy guitar chord

B major easy guitar chord

Both fingerings of this chord can be moved freely around the guitar's neck:
  • 1st fret: Bb
  • 2nd fret: B
  • 3rd fret: C
  • 4th fret: C#/Db
  • 5th fret: D
  • 6th fret: D#/Eb
  • 7th fret: E
  • 8th fret: F
  • 9th fret: F#/Gb
  • 10th fret: G
  • 11th fret: G#/Ab
  • 12th fret: A