Sunday, 8 December 2013

Using Harmonics To Play Guitar Chords | G Major

In a previous Guitar Chord a Day post we introduced the idea of playing guitar chords with harmonics.

Today's guitar chord is a simple G major triad. This can be played in two positions using harmonics, firstly play this chord with harmonics by lightly resting your finger touching the strings over the 12th fret, once you've plucked them you can remove your left hand to let them ring.
Guitar harmonics chords G major
The 12th fret is exactly half way between the bridge and nut of your guitar. Harmonics played here are the same pitch as the fretted note, so harmonics at the 12th fret will have the same pitch as fretting a note at the 12th fret.

We can also play a G major triad using harmonics at the 5th fret.
Guitar chord harmonics G

Guitar chord harmonics G

Guitar harmonics have a beautiful chime like sound and are a simple way to add some tonal variation to common chords.

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