Tuesday, 3 December 2013

B minor guitar chord

Today's Guitar Chord of the Day is B minor. This is a common chord and is usually played as a barre chord, but if you haven't mastered barre chords yet then there is another easy fingering for this guitar chord that you can use:
B minor guitar chord

To ensure the notes sound cleanly make sure your fingers are placed close to the frets when you play the Bm chord:

The full barre chord fingering of this chord is played by laying your first finger across the guitar's second fret:
bminor guitar chord

Bminor guitar chord with a barre at the second fret.
Both fingering of this chord can be moved freely around the guitar's neck:
  • 1st fret: Bb minor
  • 2nd fret: B minor
  • 3rd fret: C minor
  • 4th fret: C#/Db minor
  • 5th fret: D minor
  • 6th fret: D#/Eb minor
  • 7th fret: E minor
  • 8th fret: F minor
  • 9th fret: F#/Gb minor
  • 10th fret: G minor
  • 11th fret: G#/Ab minor
  • 12th fret: A minor