Sunday, 18 April 2010

12 Dominant 7th Guitar Chords - Number 2

Yesterday's guitar chord of the day post started a new mini-series of guitar chords. Today we'll continue our mini-series of 12 Dominant 7th Guitar Chords you should know, with our second dominant 7th guitar inversion.

This chord and the next two chords are all played on the top four strings of the guitar.
Dominant 7th Guitar Chord
G7 guitar chord

Here's the fingering for this guitar chord:
G7 guitar chord

This inversion is in root position. That's to say, it has the root note of the chord as the lowest note. This is a G7 chord but try moving this around to other positions too.

Check back in tomorrow when we'll be continuing our series of 12 dominant 7th guitar chords you should know.