Friday, 16 April 2010

D minor6

We've featured a few different minor chords in previous posts, and played a C minor6 chord with the root on the E string here, today's chord is a D minor6 with a root on the A string. Minor6  chords are constructed by taking a minor triad (1, b3, 5) and adding a natural 6th. They are normally used as chord I in minor keys.
D minor6 Guitar Chord
Dmin6 guitar chord
Play the root note (marked as a square on the diagram) on the A string with your middle finger, the G string with your first finger, the B string with your first finger and the D string with your little finger.
Minor 6 chords can be played in the place of some minor chords and can replace chord i in minor keys. Minor 6 chords use these degrees of the major scale: 1, b3, 5, 6

D minor6 uses the notes: D, F, A, B

Our inversion uses the notes in this order: D, A, B, F

Tune in tomorrow for another Guitar Chord Of The Day.