Sunday, 25 April 2010

12 Dominant 7th Guitar Chords - Number 9

Just for a change we have another Dominant 7th guitar chord today :) Carrying on our series of Dominant 7th chords we move to the bottom four strings of the guitar. Once you have all 12 dominant 7th guitar chords under your belt, you'll have the foundations of a really strong harmonic understanding of the guitar.
Dominant 7th Guitar Chord
G7 guitar inversion

Here's the fingering for this guitar chord:
G7 guitar chord

Today's inversion uses the bottom 4 strings of a common guitar inversion based on an E barre chord. It uses the notes of the G7 chord in this order:
  • G (the root note)
  • D (the 5th)
  • F (the b7th)
  • B (the 3rd)
These inversions with their notes on the bottom 4 guitar strings have a lot heavier, fuller sound than the inversions on the middle or top 4 strings of the guitar. Start incorporating this chord into your practice and mixing it up with the other Dominant 7th guitar inversions you've learned already.

Tune back tomorrow as we move towards the end of our miniseries on 12 Dominant 7th Guitar Chords every guitarist should know.