Tuesday, 20 April 2010

12 Dominant 7th Guitar Chords - Number 4

We carry on our series of Dominant 7th Guitar Chords today with the last of our dominant 7th inversions on the D, G, B and E strings.

We've featured other dominant 7th guitar chords on the top 4 guitar strings here, here and here.
Dominant 7th Guitar Chord
G7 guitar chord inversions

Here's the fingering for this guitar chord:
G7 guitar chord

This 7th chord has its root on the G string and uses the notes of G7 in this order:

  • D (the 5th)
  • G (the root note)
  • B (the 3rd)
  • F (the b7th)
Now we've covered all 4 inversions on the top 4 guitar strings, get used to changing between them. To start with you can change from one inversion of G7 to another, then trying playing through a blues sequence (using G7, C7 and D7) staying in the same position. You should be able to play through the entire sequence without moving away from the fret you're on by mixing up the four different inversions.

Check back tomorrow, we'll be continuing our series of 12 Dominant 7th chords you should know and moving on to inversions on the A, D, G and B strings.